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Other Australian Artists represented at Gallery Works

Gaye Ellis

Gaye Ellis – Artist Statement

I have been creating etchings based on landscape forms for the past eight years.

Seeing a number of pictures within a landscape often creates my work. I visualize images within rock structures formed by years of weathering in a similar way that some people create an image from a cloud formation.

In my work I use a strong variation of color. Color is my expression of mood and timing. The slightest variation of color can alter the whole disposition of a print.

The use and the placement of plates are an important ingredient in the boundaries of a print. Using multiple plates or varying the amount of the white area can in my view extend the confines of an image.

Gaye Ellis - Aura 1 - SOLD
Gaye Ellis – Aura 1 – SOLD
Gaye Ellis - Aura 3
Gaye Ellis – SOLD
Gaye Ellis - Visage 3
Gaye Ellis – Visage 3

Susan Baird

Born in 1964, Susan Baird is Sydney based painter and printmaker. In 2009, she visited Hill End, NSW and fell under the spell of the landscape, which she is now drawing upon for her work.

As a young artist in the ’80’s, she travelled extensively in Europe and lived and worked in Sardinia, Italy and the United Kingdom. During this period she became well known for her paintings of Sydney Harbour and its beaches. In ’92 she moved to New York City to study formally at The New York Studio School. Whilst living in New York she developed a major body of work, which resulted in two exhibitions in Sydney in ’93 and ’95. These paintings are now in collections in Australia and the USA.

In 2003, she moved her studio to East Sydney, which inspired a series of urban landscapes that were exhibited at Saatchi and Saatchi Sydney.

Susan Baird - Tangerine Bay
Susan Baird – Tangerine Bay
Susan Baird - Aqua-Marine
Susan Baird – Aqua-Marine SOLD OUT

Helen Norton

Helen is a self taught artist who settled in Broome in 1985 after ten years of travelling and working as a roustabout in the Western Desert in the most remote areas of the Australian Outback.
Her love of the outback and her exploration of the human condition is brilliantly captured in her internationally acclaimed works.

Helen Norton - Cooking the Catch
Helen Norton – Cooking the Catch

Helen Norton - Up the Creek
Helen Norton – Up the Creek SOLD

Frank Hodgkinson

“Frank Hodgkinson is a prodigy. He is a man so various that he hardly gives you time to focus on any single one talent. He is a painter, a sculptor, an architect, a designer of habitats and ambiences. His creative energy is enormous. His curiosity is at once that of a child and a mature philosopher trying to make sense of the cosmos over which he has ranged with hunger and delight” – Morris West.

Frank Hodgkinson - Dive
Frank Hodgkinson – Dive SOLD OUT
Frank Hodgkinson - Elegant Shrimp
Frank Hodgkinson – Elegant Shrimp SOLD OUT

Melissa Egan

Melissa Egan was born in Sydney in 1959. She attended the World College of South East Asia in Singapore and then gained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Australian National University.

Creating paintings is a part of Melissa Egan’s everyday life and many of her subjects are drawn from childhood memories, marriage and motherhood. Her family, friends and the day to day tasks she performs provide a plateau on which she builds her works. Egan views herself more as a creator than as an artist.

The Australian landscape provides the backdrop for her paintings and figures. She uses the landscape as a stage for her “actors”. Egan says “while figures predominate in the majority of the work, it is their interconnectedness with their environment that lends plausibility to their existence. To me, the landscape, the figures and the animals interrelate with one another to be of equal importance”.

Melissa Egan’s work is represented in corporate and private collections in Australia and overseas. She has been a finalist in the Portia Geach Memorial Award, The Sulman Prize, The Doug Moran Portraiture Prize and The Blake Prize.

Melissa Egan My Kite

Melissa Egan – My Kite SOLD OUT

Melissa Egan - Girl on a Swing
Melissa Egan – Girl on a Swing

Greg Mallyon

Greg Mallyon studied fine art at several universities including Brisbane and Melbourne University and the Perugia University in Italy. Greg’s work has been exhibited throughout Europe as well as Australia, Hawaii and Singapore. His corporate collections include BHP Australia and the Sheraton Hotel corporation.

Palm Valley Boulders
Palm Valley Boulders SOLD
Qantas Over the Simpson Desert
Qantas Over the Simpson Desert SOLD OUT
Qantas Over Outback Australia
Qantas Over Outback Australia
Qantas Over Central Australia
Qantas Over Central Australia SOLD

David Frazer

David Frazer’s work offers a nostalgic image of Australia through its examinations of landscape, Australian buildings, sheds, and itinerant travellers. He held 7 solo exhibitions between 1996-2006 in Melbourne, Sydney and a survey show curated by the Horsham Gallery, which toured Victorian regional galleries from 2004-2005. David Frazer’s work was seen in 37 group exhibitions between 1996-2006 including the 5th British International Miniature Print Exhibition in the UK, in the 2003. He more recently held a solo exhibition with Rebecca Hossack in London 2011.

Woe 2
Woe 2
On the Edge of Town
On the Edge of Town SOLD OUT

Messenger 2
Messenger 2
The Escape
The Escape