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Gaye Ellis

Gaye Ellis – Artist Statement

I have been creating etchings based on landscape forms for the past eight years.

Seeing a number of pictures within a landscape often creates my work. I visualize images within rock structures formed by years of weathering in a similar way that some people create an image from a cloud formation.

In my work I use a strong variation of color. Color is my expression of mood and timing. The slightest variation of color can alter the whole disposition of a print.

The use and the placement of plates are an important ingredient in the boundaries of a print. Using multiple plates or varying the amount of the white area can in my view extend the confines of an image.

Gaye Ellis - Aura 1 - SOLD
Gaye Ellis – Aura 1 – SOLD
Gaye Ellis - Aura 3
Gaye Ellis – SOLD
Gaye Ellis - Visage 3
Gaye Ellis – Visage 3